Sharing Your Faith: Resources

Sample Gospel Presentations

Example Gospel Presentation #1 (Full):

Download the audio MP3 file >>

Example Gospel Presentation #2 (2 minutes):

Example Gospel Presentation #3 (Full):

View Presentation #3 >>

Example Gospel Presentation #4 (Full):

View Presentation #4 >>

Full Gospel Presentation Hand / Cheat Sheet:

Download the Full Gospel Presentation Hand / Cheat Sheet >>

Additional Resources

Spiritual Questionnaire PDF:

This is a scanned copy of the Spiritual Questionnaire most recently used at The Call at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills:

Download the Full Gospel Presentation Hand / Cheat Sheet >>

"Do You Know?" Gospel Tract:

This is a PDF of the "Do You Know?" Gospel Tract. Download it below:

Download the Full Gospel Presentation Hand / Cheat Sheet >>

"I Got Off At George Street" Video:

30 Second Gospel Presentation Prayer:

30 Second Gospel Presentation Prayer


Training & Discussion: Sharing the Gospel with Loved Ones Over the Holidays

In this video (30 minutes), you'll learn how to talk to friends and family over the holidays!


Here are a few topics covered in the video above: * How to give the Gospel Presentation as a Thanksgiving Prayer (with amazing example from Greg!) * Multiple ways to start conversations that lead into the Gospel Presentation. We discussed ways to do this in person, by phone, and by text. * How to get people to ask YOU to share the Gospel with them

Thanksgiving Prayer:

Below is an example of a giving the Gospel Presentation over Thanksgiving prayer in less than 2 mins. You can watch the video, play the audio, or download the audio MP3 below (they are all the same content).


Download the Thanksgiving Prayer Audio >>

Download the Thanksgiving Prayer Text >>

Handling Objections

Atheism Objections:

View the Blank Objections Document >>

Make a copy or download this document and fill out responses to common objections that come up with speaking with someone who is atheist or doesn't believe in God/Heaven/The Bible/etc.

View Sample Filled Out Objections Document >>

This includes example answers that you can practice for each objection. Make a copy of the blank document above and 'make it your own' by customizing the responses. These are just examples 

Ready to Practice?

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